Bloombex Review

Trading at Bloombex makes all the difference between trading with a great broker or an average broker. I can recommend trading at Bloombex first and foremost because of the excellent, professional customer support, including access to your own personal financial trading analyst. The Bloombex financial support team includes experienced financial trading analysts, who provide all the advice and training you need to start trading Forex or to just develop your trading skills.

Bloombex is a non-dealing desk broker, which means that trading is a direct process and that orders are transparent, what the trader sees on the trading platform is what they get.

I really enjoyed trading with the Bloombex Trading Platform because it so easy to use with all the trading tools you need. The web based trading platform is customized to offer innovative functions, with advanced charting, easy to use money management tools and technical indicators. Traders have access to trading alerts and live streaming news, while working on the trading platform. Bloombex offers a guaranteed stop loss, by currency and pips, which is an essential feature allowing the trader to place trade limits. The user-friendly trading platform enables one-click, double click and click and confirm trading. Bloombex offers tight, fixed spreads for each currency pair and takes no commissions, so there are no hidden costs.

Bloombex has all the trading tools necessary to make Forex trading convenient and fast. You can download the Bloombex Toolbar for easy access to the pivot calculator, the daily Market Review and to the Bloombex live chat service. The Pivot Calculator is a useful tool for calculating pivot points and the Rollover Calculator is a feature offered by few brokers, which displays the rollover costs live for each position.

I would recommend getting to know the Bloombex team by opening a demo account or just start trading with a live account. The Bloombex trading platform is intuitive and easy to use, you can start trading immediately. The service I got from my personal Bloombex financial analyst really impressed me so from now on, I will definitely be trading Forex at Bloombex.

I will definitely recommend Bloombex for professional Forex trading services.

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The Number One Forex Affiliate Mistake

…and how to rectify it.

If you are a Forex affiliate marketer like me, then I’m sure you put in a lot of effort to drive traffic to your favorite Forex broker sites.

Do you use Pay Per Click advertising?

Have you embraced Social Media?

Whatever strategies you use, you may be guilty of a mistake that I’ve been making all along and would now like to correct.

What Is the Number One Mistake?

All over this blog, you will see banners promoting my favorite brokers. You click a banner and off you go to the broker site.

However, unless you and I have already connected elsewhere, on Facebook, for example,  I stand to lose you the instant you click a banner on this site.

For instance, one of my top brokers is Bloombex.

Let us suppose, for the sake of argument, that you have come across an article I posted to an article directory and the link in the article resource box brings you here.

When you click the Bloombex link in the top right, you will be whisked away to the Bloombex site.

Good, that is the purpose of the banner – to drive you to the broker site.  I hope when you arrive, you will like my broker and sign up.

But what happens when you don’t sign up?

Is there any chance that you will ever come back to this blog?

Well, the answer is most likely ‘no’.

So what should I do?

I should have a mechanism in place for capturing visitor information.

ForexArms is about arming the Forex affiliate with the essential weaponry to win affiliate battles.

In the next post, we’ll discuss exactly how to get a potential prospect to sign up from right within the blog before we send them off to Bloombex!



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YouTube Blues

News reaching our desk reveals a worrying development.

It looks like those nice people at YouTube have decided to suspend, even terminate,  what were once apparently perfectly reputable accounts.

Examples here:

And what has all this got to do with ForexArms?
Well, you see, we were in the process of launching the Forex Viral Video Contests, whereby participants would be invited to vote on their favorite Forex promotional video hosted on YouTube.

These wanton suspensions turn YouTube into an unreliable platform from which to conduct such contests.

We are working on a viable alternative – visit us soon for an update.

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For Market Bets BetOnMarkets Is Best

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HyperCordial – A Viral Affiliate Promotions Resource

If you run any sort of Special Offer on your site, then you may find our new resource just the thing to explode the interest in your offer.

With just one line of code, you will add a ViralPeel to any desired page.
When the mouse hovers over the peel, the special offer is revealed.
So far, nothing new here, you have probably seen such peels all over the Internet.

What sets the HyperCordial ViralPeel apart from the rest is what happens when you click the Special Offer.
Clicking the peel launches what is known as the HyperCordial OutPost.

In addition to detailing what the offer is all about, the OutPost invites your visitor to grab the ViralPeel so they can install it on their own pages.
If they do, they become an instant affiliate, promoting your Special Offer for you.

For more details, come back soon.

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For the Latest Forex News

Here’s a handy resource for the latest Forex News:

I’m working on an aggregator to sift through it all and churn out something we can use to precognize the movements.

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Best Forex Robots – Beware Counterfeits

Word is quietly spreading – the best Forex trading robots in the world are from the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) and are available for sale.

What needs to be stressed is that they are available for sale ONLY FROM THE FOREX ROBOT WORLD CUP WEBSITE.

Is it important to emphasize this fact?

Absolutely yes!

There are people out there selling ‘cracked’ versions, so we hear.

Please be advised – such copies will simply not work.

Visit the FRWC site for more information.

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Google To Supply Your Electricity

There is no doubt in my mind that Google does play a role in driving much needed traffic to my websites.

However, if rumours afoot are to be believed, the giant search engine’s influence may soon extend to include my fridge, my cooker and my desktop PC.

Yes, Google, so we hear, has been granted the right to buy and sell electricity.

But should this be of any interest to you?

Probably not.

However, it is of particular interest to my good friend, George.

He recently suffered a power failure while he was in what would most certainly have proven to be a highly profitable Forex trade.

“It is not unusual,” he told me sadly. “Every month, we have three or four total shutdowns that last for an hour or more. We really must find a better supplier.”

Talking about Forex, if you haven’t as yet checked out the revolutionary new Forex robots which have been unveiled by the Forex Robot World Cup, I suggest you head over there right now.

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The Best Forex Robot In The World

I wasn’t born yesterday, so I tend to look at things with a practised veteran eye, even some nonchalant reserve.

Yet what I saw today left me speechless! It was just so incredible. In one single move, the Forex World Cup (FRWC) have altered the destiny of Forex trading.

Agreed, by conducting a rigid and strict global Forex robot competition that was as rigorous as it was transparent, the FRWC have done more than we could ever have hoped for in our quest to discover the very best Forex trading robots in the world.

But then, they have gone even further, much further than we dared to dream possible.

Pray, what am I so excited about?

It is the Fusion-V 1.1a, that’s what.

Your world is about to change, your life is about to be raised to a higher plateau. Are you ready for it?

- The Fusion-V 1.1a is the world’s first SUPER ROBOT!

- 355.46% in 19 days of Real-Money, Live Trading!

- The combined DNA of the top 5 robots in one single Super Bot!

- Exclusive money management rules that apportion risk more evenly!

- 100% total access to the Expert Advisor Lab!

- Investor passwords for verification!

Fusion-V 1.1a is like nothing the world of Forex has ever seen before. 5 Robots that were great on their own is one thing – but putting them all together – merging the best qualities of each with the weaknesses of none… it’s just revolutionary. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

P.S. This has just put every single Forex robot marketer on the planet out of business – the only way they can survive now is by picking the crumbs of whoever doesn’t manage to get in to secure a Fusion-V 1.1a on the 16th February 2010.

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Forex Betting

If you are into Sports Betting, then you will be pleased to learn that that you will transfer your prognosticative skills to the world of Forex without any fuss.

Rather than Forex Trading, go for Forex Betting!

All you need to do is predict whether a set currency pair will be higher or lower at a certain point in time.

This, of course, is the same as predicting whether Man Utd will score more goals than Chelsea after a set period of time.

For more information, click here.

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